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Virtual Challenge

Starts On May 1st

Registration is open now!

Mission Statement

The mission of Zephyr Seven Homes, Inc. is to provide affordable deaf-friendly apartment homes to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. This non-profit corporation is dedicated to provide apartment homes designed to accommodate the unique safety and comfort needs to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Join us and stay up-to-date with the groundbreaking steps we are making for deaf communities.


We promise not to flood your inbox!

We hope it is your desire to participate in this one of a kind pilot project.


Help us make a positive impact in the deaf community.

"I am surrounded by a hearing world. I work in a hearing world. I shop in a hearing world. I eat, laugh, and drink in a hearing world. Home is my sanctuary where I can relax my brain from a hearing world - with others - in my Deaf world." 

-Baris P

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