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There are many challenges in the everyday life of an individual or family with hearing deficits.  To have a home where these struggles are addressed will make your home a place of peace, security and comfort.


Zephyr Seven Homes, Inc. strives to make a positive impact on your everyday struggles by developing a living environment that is prepared to offer you the needed environmental and structural accommodations you need to feel safe and secure.  

We plan to construct 20 deaf-friendly apartment homes with 80% of the apartment units filled with prospective tenants within two years. These units will be available for DHH individuals with a variety of incomes.

To reach our current goal, we are working hard to find the appropriate funding. Funding for this project comes from state and federal grants, as well as donations from other public and private organizations/individuals. 


Surrounding yourself with a community of DHH families and individuals will ultimately enhance your living situation and provide a peace of mind.

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